A Guide to Nookly

1. Get started

Duplicate Nookly to make a new base whenever you start a new audit. You cannot edit the template as is, but you can edit your duplicated base.

A screenshot of Nookly as an Airtable base. Highlighting 'Duplicate base' option.
A screenshot of Nookly on Airtable, highlighting 'Views' toggle.

2. Navigate Airtable GUI

When you first open the template, the template will default to have Views open. We don’t need this right now, so you can click to close it.

3. Customise the template

Start any audit with the ‘All’ tab. Then, depending on what type of product you got, move onto the appropriate tab.

You can then remove unused tabs to make it all neat & tidy. You can even combine the tabs if you want to.

A screenshot of Nookly via Airtable, highlighting the 'All' tab.
A screenshot of Nookly via Airtable, highlighting the 'Completed' column.

4. Audit your product

On each tab, go from top to bottom. If you’re already nailing a suggestion, check it as completed, or right-click on that row to remove. Add or adjust any relevant information.

Tips: If a suggestion applies to more than 1 location on the product, duplicate that row so you can easily manage them as tasks later.

5. Wrap up your audit

All done? Congrats!! You're ready to implement these criteria to your product & make it awesome. Click on Views again to switch to the Kanban View.

Prioritise your items by Impact and/or Est. Effort. The more of the items you do, the better your product will become.

A screenshot of Nookly via Airtable, highlighting Kanban View toggle.
Nookly - All-in-One Digital Product Audit Template | Product Hunt

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